The European Commission on multimedia

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The first speaker of the “Future Video Delivery” session, Bartholome Arroyo of the European Commission, spoke on trends in multimedia and the challenges this technology has brought.  The change in broadband networks has changed from HDTV to Integral Imaging electronics Holography.  Arroyo emphasized that internet is the video network future.  Mobile networks are also becoming a prime medium for videos.  Broadcasters can no longer just concentrate on TV delivery but must also tap into the internet and expand their services.

A graphic of the challenges our digital society brings

Edith Cresson at Global Forum 2010

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Edith Cresson, former French Prime Minister at Global Forum

Edith Cresson, former French Prime Minister, at Global Forum 2010.

Edith Cresson, former French Prime Minister, served as commentator for session seven, “Open Innovation : Strategy & Policies.”

The session was the largest of the conference, consisting of 13 panelists from the business, research and design, ICT, and government sectors.

Cresson spoke on how Open Innovation strategies require interaction between the science and technology communities and the general public.

She explained this with an example.

“There is an interaction between research in the lab and the population…while you can make a new drug in a lab alone, you need subjects to test it on,” said Cresson.

The same idea is behind innovation strategy to communicate with the public.

“When you consider suggestions and ideas, you create something people want,” said Cresson.

Cresson, who was the first woman to become Prime Minister of France, an office she held from 1995 through 1999, also commented on the future of women in science and technology.

“Girls seem to be less interested in science then men,” said Cresson, adding that she noticed this was something not just in France but globally.

To get more children interested in science, cultural programs and policies with museums have been established, according to Cresson, in France and elsewhere.

“The programs hope to attract the curiosity of young children,” said Cresson, as well as generate more interest in science and technology.

Michel Chevallier on eVoting

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On day two of the global forum, Michel Chevallier, Deputy Secretary, Geneva State Chancellory, stopped to chat about Online Voting.

Copyright infringement, from the Motion Picture Association of America

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Linda Kinney from MPAA spoke on copyright theft and the policy challenges it has posed.  There are over 80,000 Google  results  when one searches for “free movie download.”  Kinney showed case studies of countries such as South Korea, whose broadband use has increased almost 100%.   Copyright infringement affects the film industry and its 2.4 million jobs in the US.  The film industry includes not just actors but also florists, make-up artists, caterers, and drivers.  In the EU, 14 million workers make up the film industry, which is 6.5% of the workforce.  In terms of enforcement, the MPAA has found that policies should be country-specific.  Countries will need to educate the population and use appropriate enforcement that respects privacy.

Future Video Delivery- introductory video

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Participants of the Global Forum were shown a short video of a modern-day Alice, not in Wonderland, a young woman who moves through the digital world, accessing popular sites like Facebook, Amazon, Green Geeks, Deviant art, ebay, Flicker, Youtube, Napster.  Alice later sits at a dinner table with Obama, Pamela Anderson, Bill Gates, Bart Simpson, George Clooney, the Pope, and Woody Allen.  The closing lines read, “Now Alice lives in many different communities” and “finds the positive and negative.”

5th Global Forum Conference for Nitya Karmaker, Professor at Macquarie University

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Nitya Karmaker, Professor at Macqaurie University in Australia explains why he came all the way from Australia to attend his 5th Global Forum Conference.

Connect with Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

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Speaker Eric Legale, Managing director Issy Media, City of Issy-les-Moulineaux, France stopped by ActiveMedia‘s desk to share links of  his highly wired  and socially networked French city, Issy-les-Moulineaux.

Watch James Baller, Baller Herbst Law Group, On the Global Forum Conference Series

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And watch the informative Baller Herbst Law Group’s Broadband TV Policy Series for more information.

Conversation with Professor Maurizio Talamo, President of Nestor

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I had the pleasure of speaking with Professor Maurizio Talamo, a professor in the Department of Mathematics at Università degli studi di Roma and president of Laboratorio Nestor.  Professor Talamo’s courses at the Università are at the Master and PhD level and cover social networks, security, and privacy issues.  He emphasized that more and more people are using the internet and using multimedia, which has created a new way to cooperate and communicate.  In the past, large companies would promote themselves on the internet but now, normal citizens may take the opportunity to share their views with the world on social media sites such as Youtube and Facebook.  This transformation has created challenges for information technology in that privacy and security must be protected.  Additionally, there is an ongoing need for speediness and efficiency.  An interesting aspect that has risen from the increase in social media is the presence of social rules.  For example, if an important figure, whether in politics or the acting world, makes a mistake on Twitter, readers may choose to ignore this or comment.

Professor Talamo served as the chair of the Future Video Delivery session Tuesday morning.

Prof. Maurizio Talamo and President of Laboratorio Nestor

Dr. Patrice Cristofani Discusses the Future of E-Health

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Check out more E-Health informational videos from

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