The Global Forum brings together industry leaders, senior policy-makers from national, regional and local governments, civil society leaders, European & International companies, institutions & organizations, European Commission delegates as well as academic specialists.

Since its inception, the Global Forum is pulling together each year, more than 300 diverse, talented and engaged experts from more than 30 countries from all continents.

The Global Forum fosters new international initiatives, help the creation of public/ private partnerships and contribute to the dissemination of information on ICT crucial issues shaping a sustainable Digital World.

Key challenging topics to be debated:

–        Smart and Innovative Visions For The Future

–        Platforms to Grow Innovation

–        Competing Public Policy Frameworks

–        Smarter Governments, Successful Transformative Models

–        New Usages: for Privacy & Security?

–        eProcurement Interconnecting People and Organizations

–        Smart Policies for Innovation and Open Innovation

–        Cloud Computing for eHealth, a New Framework

–        Content Evolutions

–        Smart Grids: The New Coopetition Field

–        Workshop PIDoT-Public Innovation Do-Tank

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