Global Forum Day 2 Starts with Breakfast and Women in Leadership

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This morning was a special one, it started off with the organisation “Women In Leadership” having a workshop regarding social networking in different mediums. The presentation from the keynote speakers were very interesting in the sense that they had a  vast experience from their fields. The word was pretty much open to anybody who felt that they had something to say or comment on and this led to a couple of spin off discussion regarding pratical networking scenarios.

Photo: Eikazu Niwano #globalforum2012

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Eikazu Niwano, Producer Research and Development Planning Department, NTT Corporation, Japan

Photo: Pascal Poitevin #globalforum2012

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Pascal Poitevin, Head of Department, Secretary Committee Strategy of Information Systems, Institut de l’Elevage, France

Francisco Garcia Moran at Global Forum 2012

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Francisco Garcia Moran, Director General DG INFORMATICS, European Commission

Jimmy Schulz of the German Parliament Addresses Global Forum 2012

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Member of the German Parliament – Bundestag,Germany

Picture: Olivier Duroyon on the podium at #globalforum2012

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Olivier Duroyon speaks at the keynote opening session.

Olivier Duroyon, Director Public Affairs, Alcatel-Lucent, France

Gérald Santucci talking at the keynote opening session #globalforum2012

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Gérald Santucci at the podium speaking at the keynote opening session.

Gérald Santucci, Head of Unit Knowledge Sharing, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Photo: Interview with Gerald Santucci

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Gerald Santucci, Head of Unit Knowledge Sharing, DG CONNECT, European Commision

Urban Fagerstedt at #globalforum2012

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Urban Fagerstedt speaking at the keynote opening session.

Urban Fagerstedt, Vice Precident R&D Huawei Technologies, Sweden

Toru Nakaya speaking at #globalforum2012

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Toru Nakaya speaking at global forum 2012.

Toru Nakaya, Director-General, Institute for Information and Communications Policy, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Communications, Japan

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