Jimmy Schulz, Member of the German Parliament, Germany

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Jimmy Schulz, Member of the German Parliament, Germany: Because of lacking right information, transparency, and dialogue between citizens and government citizens do not trust stakeholders. Therefore German government introduced new channels to interact with citizens six months ago. German government created webpage for citizens to discuss issues which are set by government. In order to get more qualitative public opinion not just separate ideas some rules were introduced in this experiment. After discussion just most “voted” and discussed issues are taken into Parliament.

Keynote Afternoon Sessions

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ICT against disasters – after the tsunami in the east of Japan
Elkazu Niwano, Producer R&D Planning Department, NTT Corporation, Japan

Harry van Dorenmalen – Chairman IBM Europe

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“Digital environment is not a vision anymore but a reality involving every individual in his daily life”

On smartphone penetration

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David Gross, Former U.S. Ambassador, Coordinator for International Communications & Information Policy at the US Department of State:

Government officials stated during the 6th Internet Governance Forum (2011 September, Nairobi) that 90% of the new phone sold in Kenya are smartphones…

Frank Leyman – opening remarks

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Frank Leyman, Head of International Relations, FEDICT, ICT Department of the Belgian Federal Administration:

The Global Forum 2011 program list of guests looks extremely promising… such think-tank meetings help to outline a shared vision and to agree how we want to shape the digital agenda of the future.

IS-practice Welcomes Global Forum to Brussels

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IS-practice is proud to be one of the organizers and the Belgian representative of the Global Forum: Shaping the Future. The 2011 Global Forum will tackle an important topic of global mobility and access to the Internet under the title “Vision for the Digital Future: Mobilizing Organizations and People” which will be hosted at the Palais d’Egmont (Brussels, Belgium) by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 7-8 November 2011.
The Global Forum: Shaping the Future is an independent annual international event devoted to both business and policy issues that affect the successful evolution of the Information Society (IS). Therefore, the Global Forum facilitates businesses and governmental sectors of the IS to meet, work together and exchange knowledge with suppliers and service providers. Thanks to its approach and activities in the past 20 years, the Global Forum has become a high profile international think-tank event that tackles the issues of strategy, business, policies and civil society in the Information Society.
IS-practice as the Belgian representative of this year’s Global Forum: Shaping the Future is responsible for managing the logistical aspects of the event and ensuring its smooth implementation, organisation and deployment.

Few points of Constantijn van Oranje speech

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Few points of talk. ICT is no longer just technologies. Internet, Social Media empowers people. ICT will be a major tool assuring sustainability. Remove barriers for Single digital market – for digital world is what Digital Agenda is working on. Nevertheless, there is still much work to do. All stake holders have to take their responsibility for ICT Future because ICT is the area of Future and there is no other way.

Introduction of Constantijn van Oranje – European Commission

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Constantijn van Oranje from the European Commission explained what is needed for the European Citizens to become Full Digital Citizens. Few examples:
– Remove barriers (legal, regulation,….),
– Harmonized privacy policy between the 27 EU members,
– A secure internet,
– Ensure people have the right skills
– ….

Opening of the Global Forum

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Sylviane Toporkoff, President of the Global Forum welcomed participants and opened the forum. She introduced Frank Leyman, Head of International Relations at the Department of the Belgian Federal Administration who put in perspective the objective of the forum.

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