Trieste, the place for Global Forum 2013?

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This video shows Trieste a science town, a place between East and West, in the center of Europe. An Italian town that could be the place for Global Forum 2013?

Photo of Sarah Zhao attending the Global Forum 2012

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Sarah Zhao, Partner Perkins Coie LLP, China

Insight from Sylvia Mazerin

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Sylvia Mazerin, Project Coordinator of Euroméditerranée

Sylvia Mazerin from Euroméditerranée answered a few questions about Global Forum 2012

Why did you decide to come to Global Forum 2012?

I am here to represent my company, which is the biggest innovation operation in southern Europe.

What have you thought of the sessions you have seen so far?

They are very interesting from the perspective of our city [Marseille] , which is looking for innovation and development. Its good to hear about all the new projects and perspective for the future.

Which has been your favourite session so far? How come?

The one this morning about the woman in leadership. Their ideas of networking and public relations is really interesting to me.

Interview with Gerald Santucci

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Speech on Content Evolution

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Business Content is the topic of the first speech. Content in the company. The quality and resources. Digital entertainment for children, you need to have storytelling and creativity.

The second speech is about how ICT can help heritage in Egypt. Europe is the first target and eventually to different places in the world.

The third speech is by James M. Fraser on “How we use IT delivery for students.” Video conferencing (VC) in England. Delivery to fragile areas to communicate more and get more diversity.

What are the future values? Putting social learning into learning for students and develop from social areas to urban areas.

Debate on Human economic development in the world; social changes in the world.

Eric Seuillet, President La Fabrique du Futur, President of Smartsy in France, spoke about future media Internet. How can technology be used is involved in this project.

Opening Session – Concluding Remarks and Discussion

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Opening Session – Smart policies for innovation and open innovation

Göran Marklund, Deputy Director General of VINNOVA and Chair of the Opening Session, offers his remarks on innovation policies as an ending of the first session. He wants the audience to take with them the importance of putting support of innovation at the heart of policy making, a point which is often overlooked.

He also urges the listeners to specify the sometimes vague nature of innovation policies by answering why, what and how. His impression of the current development is positive, but the full potential power has yet to be released – needs have to be turned into value. Experimentation is a key strategy, involving opening up boundaries to enable learning and testing different ways of handling talent as a source for innovation.

The session ended with a discussion originating from a question by Sébastien Héon, Director of Political Affairs at Cassidian:

Why have there been no commercial innovation successes like facebook or Google in Europe?

The question was answered by Bror Salmelin, who traced the issue to the European innovation focus on industry products, rather than consumer products. And incorporating this commercial user focus is one of the key challenges facing innovation policies of the future.

Global Forum Day 2 Starts with Breakfast and Women in Leadership

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This morning was a special one, it started off with the organisation “Women In Leadership” having a workshop regarding social networking in different mediums. The presentation from the keynote speakers were very interesting in the sense that they had a  vast experience from their fields. The word was pretty much open to anybody who felt that they had something to say or comment on and this led to a couple of spin off discussion regarding pratical networking scenarios.

Photo: Eikazu Niwano #globalforum2012

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Eikazu Niwano, Producer Research and Development Planning Department, NTT Corporation, Japan

Giovanni Bacchi Reggiani talks on how cloud computing can change traditional healthcare

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Gioavanni Bacchi Reggiani talks to the interviewer on how cloud computing can be used to provide high quality healthcare to people who live in remote areas or in areas which don’t have access to specialist doctors. His company Medishare has the aim to implement this system in areas which specialist healthcare is hard to provide to patients and where doctors that have specialist knowledge won’t need to move around to help their patients.

Gaetano Santucci at Global Forum 2012

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Gaetano Santucci, Head of the Competence Center, CONSIP, S.p.A Italian Public Procurement Agency, Italy

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