I had the pleasure of speaking with Professor Maurizio Talamo, a professor in the Department of Mathematics at Università degli studi di Roma and president of Laboratorio Nestor.  Professor Talamo’s courses at the Università are at the Master and PhD level and cover social networks, security, and privacy issues.  He emphasized that more and more people are using the internet and using multimedia, which has created a new way to cooperate and communicate.  In the past, large companies would promote themselves on the internet but now, normal citizens may take the opportunity to share their views with the world on social media sites such as Youtube and Facebook.  This transformation has created challenges for information technology in that privacy and security must be protected.  Additionally, there is an ongoing need for speediness and efficiency.  An interesting aspect that has risen from the increase in social media is the presence of social rules.  For example, if an important figure, whether in politics or the acting world, makes a mistake on Twitter, readers may choose to ignore this or comment.

Professor Talamo served as the chair of the Future Video Delivery session Tuesday morning.

Prof. Maurizio Talamo and President of Laboratorio Nestor