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Alberto Steindler: CEO of Insiel Mercato, Paolo Barichello: CIO Azienda ULSS N. 8 di Asolo, Italy, Giampaolo Armelli: Head of Research Unit GPI Group, Italy, Giorgio Calzetti & Alessandro Borgato: CEO Sales Manager, Solinfo, Italy, Serena La Manna: Project  Manager R&D Division DEDALUS SpA, Italy, Michèle Thonnet: Official Representative of the French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in the Europian & International e-Health Domain, France, Sara Zanchiello: Technology Transfer Broker, AREA Science Park, Italy

With the world becoming more connected with the use of wireless networks, there is a desire to bring healthcare into this world.  Already many doctors’ offices have made patients records electronic and have eliminated a portion of human error from the process of maintaining these records.  With these improvements we are moving towards a more tech savvy healthcare system.  Alberto Steindler proposes a system where the patient never has to leave their home to seek treatment.  Those chronically ill can speak directly to their health care providers through video conferencing instead of risking their health further by going to the doctor in person.  He demonstrated an intricate wireless system of the simple doctor’s office visit from patient’s records to receiving medications.

Continuing on the road of eHealthcare, Barichello presents a test project which will allow for citizens to have secure access to their personal healthcare records.  This in turn will allow the public to update their personal healthcare records.  They will be able to make outstanding and current payments to their health plans. Patients can also check themselves in for appointments prior to their arrival at the office.  This will allow for less wait time between appointments and more efficient record keeping on the part of the healthcare professionals.

With this new technology, doctor’s offices, pharmacies and patients will have easier access to records and will be able to have more accurate results.  Hopefully this process will also eliminate human error which occurs much more frequently with the use of paper records.