Brig. Gen. Pasquale Lavacca at GlobalForm'10

Brig. Gen. Pasquale Lavacca.

Brig. Gen. Pasquale Lavacca, Gen. Head of III Reparto (Technology Department) Headquarters, Arma dei Carabinieri, Italy & Gianluigi Me, Major, Arma dei Carabinieri, gave a presentation on “E-Logistic Governance: The Carabinieri SILAC Project” at the conference.

“The panel was oriented to show how to manage economic expenditure in order to rationalize total overall expenditures, with a more focused strategy to find hidden cost-cutting savings,”Lavacca said.

With the economic situation as it has been,not just in Italy but world-wide,there has been a strong emphasis on finding cost-cutting measures.

One of these hidden cost cutting savings that the Carabinieri want to bring to the forefront, is streamlining logistics and tasks through online interfaces. ” We are creating more online government for citizen services, like the virtual operator and file/complaint,” said Lavacca.

The benefit of moving online is two-fold; the citizen is able to express concerns more directly to the Carabinieri, and at the same time the Carabinieri can increase savings allowing them to focus more on research and development, “where human resources are better tasked, in addition to homeland security and public safety,” said Lavacca.

Brig. Gen. Pasquale Lavacca and Major Gianluigi Me have made many presentations on this subject, including one at a conference at in Sofia, Bulgaria last May.

Lavacca said he is happy to present in the future to share the experience and benefits of the project, with organizations who also are looking to out-finance and out-fund their operations.

“In this period there is a big sufferance of funding with the global economic crisis. We believe we can fund this strategy with an automated tool in order to cut costs and add savings to re-imploy directly this very big building block,” said Lavacca, adding “this kind of savings bring jobs to power the communication and Information Technology systems, together with the overall security systems, of the Arma dei Carabinieri.”