Session 4: For Privacy and Security?

“90% of the worlds data has been generated since 2010,”  says Paul Wormeli, Executive Director Emeritus, Integrated justice information Systems Institute.

Everyday we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. We need to have way to both accumulate all this data. Have a way to keep the secure data secure and the private data private.

Data is a hot commodity,

“Raw data of the 21st century is much like crude oil” – Stéphane Grunbach, Senior Researcher of INRIA

The session was much about the value of data and how much of it needs to be protected while other information needs to be shared. Private information needs to be kept private but it is often not the responsibility of technology to do that,

“The biggest threat to privacy is betrayal” – Wojciech Cellary, Head of the Department of Information Technology, Poznan University of Economics.

Then there’s data that is supposed to be secure from things like cybercrime. But to do this effectively we need big change, as Florence Dupre suggests

“We need to adapt the existing legal framework”. – Florence Dupré, Technical Legal Expert and Business Advisor, Cassidian CyberSecurity. She said we also  need laws to effectively punish cybercrime.

Interview with Paul Wormeli:

Interview with Stéphane Grunbach: