• Jay Gillette, Fulbright-Nokia Distinguished Chair in Information and Communications Technologies, University of Oulu, FINLAND; Senior Research Fellow and Institute Secretary, Digital Policy Institute, USA

Keynote Speakers

  • Donald R. Davidson, Chief, Cyber security Lifecycle Risk Management and CS/Acquisition Integration Division, Office of Deputy DoD Chief Information Officer for Cyber security, US.
  • Paavoo Lipponen, Finland Former Prime Minister.
  • Markku Markkula, President, Committee of the Regions, European Union.


Helsinki as logistic centre of northern Europe

  • 17% of world mineral and 25% of World Oil is in Arctic Region.
  • Arctic Region is the 10th largest economy approx 1.4 trillion Euros.
  • Arctic possibility for growth – the arctic region can develop Europe largest area of investment. It is estimated that investment worth EURO 140 billion are planned
  • Key sectors are oil gas LNG mining industry wind power logistics investment and the development of the power grid.


  • “Your technology solution might be my security risk”
  • Globalization is good but it brings many challenges
  • Global interdependent supply chain
  • We also have a world of capabilities that are dependent on globally sourced, commercial off the shelf (COTS), information communication technology

Product Assurance – Tradespace

SCRM standardization and assurance will enable acquirers to better communicate requirements to system integrators and suppliers so that the supply chain can demonstrate good/best practices and enable better overall risk measurement and management.

Supply chain risk management has a landscape of activities

SCRM believes commercial acceptable global standard must be derived from commercial industry best practices.


  • Setting the scene the regional innovation ecosystems
  • Renewing and strengthening EU’s urban agenda cities
  • Cities and urban areas are becoming more important
  • As ¾ of 500 million people of EU live in cities and urban areas.
  • As engines of economic growth and employment.
  • We need to modernize the Triple Helix.
  • Three layers for city development levels
  1. Smart Regions
  2. Regional innovation Ecosystem
  3. City Innovations


JAY GILLETTE: Information Renaissance

  • New Era Knowledge society driven by an information economy
  • Challenging innovation yet not unprecedented in human history
  • Like European renaissance

Management vs Leadership

  • Management is about consistency and order
  • Leadership is bout vision and change

Succeed and prosper in the information renaissance age

Succeed as a person – become renaissance man or woman.

Succeed as an organization add knowledge value to everything you touch

Incorporate knowledge value in all products/activities in whatever it is you do.

(Morale is itself a strategy advantage)