speakers at Collaborative eProcurement

Panelists for "Collaborative eProcurement" from left to right: Radu Bogdan Savonea, Chong-Suk Kang, Kathleen Turco, Debra Woodard, Angela Russo, Gian Luigi Albano, and Dora Ruiz(not pictured). Photo by Heather Hodder.

During an afternoon session, speakers from Chile, Romania, US, Italy, and Korea came together to share how their governments are changing their procurement systems for the 21st century. Panelists agreed that moving towards “paperless” eProcurement cuts costs and increases efficiency.

“With the older system, all manual and paper based transactions took a very long time, there was no visibility,” said Deborah Woodward, Director of Logistics Systems, US Department of State. Now, with online programs like Ariba and Momentum Acquisitions, it is a more transparent ” streamlined system.”

Speakers also spoke on how eProcurement increases transparency in transactions, in attempts to reduce corruption.

Dora Ruiz, Head of Monitoring Department, ChileCompra, spoke on the recent moves towards eProcurement in Chile.

Ruiz explained going ” paperless” was in part a reaction to a major corruption scandal in 2003, ” We saw a window of opportunity to enhance transparency in public procurement.”

“The reform was based  on a standard and simple new regulation for the public procurement including a web based marketplace for every agency and local govenment in the country,” added Ruiz.