Session 4 GOVERNMENTS AND GLOBAL SINGLE MARKET Opportunities, challenges and threats of an increased INTEROPERABILITY between States
Covered topics:
• Cross Country Collaboration:
• Social security and social services
• Employment
• Justice
• Taxation and Customs
• Citizens mobility
• Boarder protection
• Combining eGovernment and mGov
• Co-Production of Public Services
• Open Government
• Smart Cities
Cross Country Collaboration can help to improve Social security and social services especially nowadays when migration is very intensive within and outside European Countries . In addition, citizens mobility raises even more challenges for Local, national and transnational authorities. How Wiebke Pankauke stated “Brain gain instead of brains drain” for this better collaboration and communications between public authorities are necessary. Jackie Morin pointed that in order to improve social security and services different systems of countries do not have to be harmonized but connected. E-tools which creation is in the process will raise appetite to cooperate.
Alan Shark stated that we already have single market but with thousands of problems and we are still living in the analogue market. Data protection, identity management and restoration of Citizens trust are one of the challenges which US is facing now. However, 9/11 woke up US.
In addition, mane e-projects and new communication channels were presented, for instance SOLVIT which is on-line problem solving network whose clients are citizens and business. Success rate is 80%. EESSI Networking is a European Commission project which is working with assuring that Member States exchange data electronically and many others.