The session was introduced already focusing on the importance of Cloud Computing, and the topic of discussion is how it can innovate and change the future.

The first speaker, Alin Stanescu , begins by presenting Qualcomm’s unique business model, including their main projects and developments. He mentiones that smartphones will surpass the PC as a Cloud connected device in 2014 and how this may affect the way people communicate with each other.

The second speaker, Danilo Cattaneo, highlights the difference between the perception of trust and the real reliability of storing data online. He then presents the innovative idea of “From cloud to trusted cloud”. InfoCert’s vision of e-health is that in the future we can become 100% paperless and that it will be safe to store information online

Professor Hercules Dalianis then presents about the clinical text mining for health care managing using aggregated data. The problem hospitals face is that doctors are busy taking care of patients and don’t prioritize reporting the procedure information. To deal with that problem, a new system would be needed: the Cloud. With this he explains that hospital intelligence is actually business intelligence, and by implementing this system we could not only connect hospitals around the world but also improve the health care system.