This is a continuation of the session this morning about the Cloud Computing and e-health.

The first speaker for the afternoon, Paolo Barichello (Chied Information Officer of Asolo), presents about the New e-health paradigms with cloud computing. He explains how the project aims to implement services that allow direct  access to information. “The real goal will only be achieved when cloud is involved in critical processes”

Enrico Fiore (Chairman of Medic4all) begins his presentation with a question to the public, of which application you need to install in computers in order to treat patients. He then proceeds to present his project, Medic4all, which has features such as self-monitoring watches and medical concierges, seen as very innovative. At the end of his presentation he answers his original question: “You just need a browser & Cloud”

Thereafter Jovan Stevovic (Researcher CRG) talks about data management processes customization to satisfy organizations’ requirements. He explains that organizations have certain basic requirements: privacy&security, compliance as well as existing information systems and existing procedures “There is a need for customization in our society, which is achieved with the use of Cloud”.

Ingrid Andersson (Senior Executive Advisor) presents about LearnforLife and Cloud Computing. She explain how the project aims to increase health awareness among a target community of users to prevent lifestyle based disorders.

Cecilia Bergh (CEO Mando AB) initiates with very striking statistics about how obsession is now more common than malnutrition, which is a waste of resources, not only of food, but also of medical treatments. Around 2 million people are overweight today, which is a result of our society not having to exercise as much as before and food being generally easily available and at reasonable prices. With their innovative product, the Mandometer, they would like to combat this disease by normalizing eating behaviors. It will be made into a smartphone application, which communicates wirelessly to a scale.

Maria Beatrice Fasano (Product Marketing Director) enthusiastically speaks of how evolution of IT technology will strongly affect healthcare ” Adopting cloud technologies means taking advantages of innovative applications and freeing IT resources for much needed innovation”