Session 9: Smart Energy: Coopetition Field

The Smart Energy Session was largely about how to use ICT to help develop better energy usage.

It started with Hannes Carl Borg who is Acting State Secretary, Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, Sweden. He talked about how Sweden was capable of being world-leading when it comes to renewable energy and that ICT could be a big part of that.

“ICT can be a big part of the solution for many global problems” – Hannes Carl Borg

Kamel Essegrairi who is the Executive Director Arab Platform For Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, talked about how the opinion makers (the public) are an integral part of smart energy and the Smart Grid.

The Smart Grid is an electical grid that gathers information using information technology to monitor your energy consumption. This is a way for individuals to be aware of their energy consumption and the data can be used to further Smart Energy projects.

Jerry Hultin who is the President of Polytechnic Institute of New York then came on to talk about the consequences of the path we’re heading. He talks about how Americans are the worst at energy efficiency.

“If everyone used energy like Americans we would need the energy of 6 earths to power everything” – Jerry Hultin

He goes on about how important it is for cities to become more efficient as 70% of earths population lives in cities as well as a New York initiative was passed that forces huge buildings to report their energy usage.

Gunnar Söderholm who is the Director of Environment and Health Admission for City of Stockholm then came on to talk about some solutions.

“We want to make cities more bike and walk friendly” – Gunner Söderholm

In the 1930s Stockholm was the most unhealthy city in the Europe, but then came to win the “European Green Capital Award” 2010 and is now striving to be Fossil-Fuel Free by 2050. So change is possible, and with alot of countries from Europe, United States and even from Arab countries taking initiative, this type of change seems possible everywhere.