Lefteris Leontaridis, IKED/GINI

Thomas Anderson, IKED/GINI

Questions regarding more productive solutions for Global Identity Networks are some of afternoon’s topics at the Global Forum 2011. Thomas Anderson, IKED/GINI discussed the future policy challenges as well as the need for government intervention to address the issues in the sector. “We can open Europe to some more actions and also the articulation of the users.” added Mr. Anderson.  “Can I built an internet identity?” a rhetoric question by Lefteris Leontaridis, IKED/GINI, as well as the answer- “it’s difficult to erase and delete all the data collected”. Brendan van Alsenoy, ICRI, K.U. Leuven, IBBT/GINI draw the EU regulatory framework, as he stressed out the need of preserving privacy of the consumers and data protection. Questions related to the way operators combine cyber systems in order to become ‘ecosystem for trust to all the actors were also discussed.