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Damien Schorer

21-year old Damien Schorer, born and raised in Geneva, is currently studying Business Information Systems at the School of Business Administration. Along with the studies, Damien is also the Webmaster of Clin d’Ailes – The museum of Swiss military aviation, a basketball player and a passionate science fiction reader.

 At the Global Forum 2014 he was responsible for taking notes during several sessions, and drafting the corresponding blog posts. The themes presented at the Global Forum are closely related to his field of interest – part business, and part technology and digital world. Damien finds the whole experience really impressive, because it gave him an opportunity to be surrounded by many brilliant people, listen to their discussions, and talk to them easily.

Robin Bouille

19-year old Robin Bouille studies Business Information Systems at the Geneva School of Business Administration. At the same time, he’s the Team Lead in a small corporation, and is actively pursuing boxing and cycling as hobbies.

Robin is very interested in new technology and related security, and a lot of his coursework at the university touches upon these topics. During the Global Forum 2014, where he was responsible for taking notes from Session 3: Advanced Cyber Security & Privacy, and drafting the corresponding blog post, Robin had a chance to learn in greater depth about the things he is interested in and interact with presenters who are experts in cyber-security.

Maxime Provini

Maxime Provini is a student at the Geneva Business School of Administration, studying International Business Management, and actively involved in three student associations, and the Council of the commune where he lives. He is a dynamic person looking for the next challenge and varied interests that include: marketing and event management, hospitality management, application of social media in the financial sector etc.

During the Global Forum 2014, which was an opportunity for Maxime to prove his extensive knowledge of latest technologies, he excelled in taking notes and drafting the blog post for two sessions, as well as interviewing the participants.

Ines Pereira Mauricio

Inès Pereira Mauricio, a student at the International Business Management of Haute Ecole de Gestion, Geneva, is really interested in innovation and how we can use the digital evolution towards a better future.

During the Global Forum 2014 in Geneva, Inès was one of the most hard-working volunteers who excelled in interviewing the panelist, taking photos, and drafting blog posts with summaries of some of the Forum’s sessions. As Inès says, she learned a lot and had a really good networking experience.

Yan Cedric Malanda

21-year-old Yan Cedric Malanda is a sophomore student at Geneva’s School of Business Administration, Bachelor Program in International Business Management. He has recently joined the non-profit association Junior Enterprise HEG, where he puts his knowledge in practice in a professional environment while developing new skills.

The Global Forum 2014 was a similar opportunity for him. Since a lot of the topics discussed at the Forum were business-related, Yan learned a lot about the current IT/IS trends that will probably shape our future by covering and drafting blog posts for Session 1 and Session 6, and interviewing some of the presenters. Moreover, according to Yan, being part of such a huge event was an honor for him.

Sabrina Bibollet

Sabrina Bibollet is currently studying history of art at UNIGE (Geneva University) during her sabbatical year. Next year she will resume her design studies at ESAD-Reims (Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design).

During the Global Forum 2014 Sabrina welcomed participants, managed Powerpoint presentations, and contributed to the writing of brief session summaries and tweets. The Global Forum was a great opportunity for her to learn more about participatory innovation, the future of the Internet of Things, and current and upcoming challenges we are facing in the world. Sabrina intends to use what she has learned as a stepping stone for design in her studies.

Benoit Emery

Benoit Emery is a web designer and mediamatician, born with the Internet. Currently a Business Administration student in Geneva with an interest in startups, web, innovation in business, new business models and sustainable development. During the Global Forum 2014 Benoit was responsible for interactive tweeting and full coverage of Session 8: Business Models 2.0. In his own words, this experience is going to be of great help for writing his Bachelor Thesis.

Sandrine Barussaud

Sandrine Barussaud is a student at the Geneva Business School (Haute Ecole de Gestion — HEG) where she started a Bachelor program in International Business management. Prior to her studies, Sandrine completed a 4-year long training as a Mediamatician at the Swiss national telecommunication company, Swisscom, and holds a Vocational training certificate. She also worked as a vocational coach in the same company for a while.

Sandrine is passionate about topics related to the digital and would like to work on projects in developing countries to connect communities and businesses. During the Global Forum, she was responsible for taking notes taking during the sessions, interviewing speakers and handling microphone during the Q&A parts of the sessions. Taking part in the Forum was an exciting experience for her, and a great opportunity to interact and network with interesting people from various backgrounds.

Valerria Pampukha

Valeriia Pampukha is Ukrainian who has been living in Geneva for the past year as an exchange student. Her field of study is history, but she has a strong interest in journalism and photography too. Driven by the motto that the best way to learn is through practice, Valeriia is involved in different projects where she can use and improve her skills. Travelling is also an important part of her life, so she tries to seize every opportunity she has to travel abroad.

At the Global Forum, Valeriia was responsible for taking photos, twitting, and interviewing the speakers, and she finds this a great opportunity to improve her skills and learn new things.

Alessandra Arregui

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Multilingual Studies and International Relations in London, Alessandra Arregui is now in her final year of MSc studies in Communication, Media and Information at the University of Geneva. During her studies, she has worked for Easyjet at the International Airport of Geneva, and is now employed at the RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse-Romande).

Passionate about communication and the digital field, Alessandra finds the Global Forum a perfect opportunity to learn about contemporary digital challenges and meet people who are experts on these issues. She supported the Global Forum by interviewing notable speakers, taking notes and drafting blog posts and general logistics.

Aurelie Dumonteil

Aurélie Dumonteil is a student at Geneva University where she is finishing her MSc studies in Communication, Information, Media and Journalism. By now she has written an article about fashion “Must have in his dressing room for the academic year” published online and in the newspaper “La Tribune de Genève” ( Upon graduation she would like to work in the luxury fashion industry internationally.

This Global Forum 2014 was the occasion for her to put into practice the lessons learned during her studies, and a very rewarding experience. She was taking notes, drafting blog posts, taking photos, interviewing some of the speakers, and welcoming guests.

Yohann Pellaux

Yohann Pellaux is a student in International Business Management at the Haute Ecole de Gestion of Geneva. His tasks regarding the Global Forum were to assist in any way he could (record videos, help during the sessions etc). He finds the discussions during the sessions dynamic and fascinating. Yohann is interested in digital people and smart cities, and wants to know more about these topics.

Orijana Koldzic

Orijana Koldzic is a student at the University of Geneva where she finished her Bachelor studies in Linguistics and Informatics, and is working on her Master degree in Linguistics. She speaks German, Swiss-German, Italian, Serbian and French fluently, and has good skills in English and Spanish. She is working as a French and German teacher  at the language school „Inlingua“.

With an interest in machine translation and programming languages, she thinks the Global Forum 2014 was a great opportunity for her to learn more about the relationship between linguistics and technology. As an interpreter she is more efficient with a technical support. Orijana’s task during the Global Forum was taking photos of the participants and the guests.

Julie Rohrbasser

Julie Rohrbasser is a student at the Geneva School of Business Administration where she is currently working on her bachelor degree in International Busines Management. Her University is international and offers a wide range of courses including IT program.

During the Global Forum 2014 in Geneva, Julie performed multitude of tasks – welcoming participants to the reception, taking photos, recording videos, taking notes and drafting blog articles – and was one of the most hard-working volunteers.  The Global Forum was an incredible opportunity for her to understand the challenges and opportunities in the modern digital and knowledge society.  She particularly liked the session on women in leadership.

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Kristina Kulik, who was responsible for taking photos, twitting, managing Powerpoint presentations and interviewing the speakers at the Global Forum 2014, is Russian, a student of Lomonosov Moscow State University and of Collège Universitaire français de Moscou, living in Geneva as an exchange student.

Kristina’s first experience in an organization of conferences was as personal interpreter during the official reception of French government at Moscow State University. After that she collaborated with French journalists on creation of few TV and radio shows about Russian students.

Kristina is particulary interested in translation and interpreting in French and Russian, and with passion and enthusiasm she aspires to constantly improve her skills. She also studies German and English, likes writing, drawing and taking photos.

Deborah Di Pasquale

Deborah Di Pasquale is a student at the Geneva Business school of Administration studying International Business Management. She is working at the International airport of Geneva as a Ground agent. She has recently joined the Junior Enterprise in her school because she wants to take part in some interesting projects.

For her the Global Forum 2014 was an opportunity to get a sense of and enter into the professional IT field, a chance to meet and get to know people from different backgrounds and from all around the world, and especially to assist in some very interesting discussions. Deborah was responsible for taking notes that were later used for writing blog articles, interviewing and taking some pictures.

Laetitia Aldi

Laetitia Aldi is a student at the Geneva Business School (Haute Ecole de Gestion – HEG), in the Bachelor program in International Business Management. Along with her studies, she has recently joined the non-profit association Junior Enterprise HEG, where she can put in practice her competences. She is also highly involved in another non-profit association (Jeunesse de Laconnex) which organizes different large-scale events. Laetitia is motivated in everything she does. She enjoys working with different topics and loves learning new things. Her passion is traveling to different parts of the world, and she loves sport.

At the Global Forum, Laetitia had the opportunity to assist and support the organization of the event by taking pictures of the presenters, interviewing speakers, and taking notes that were later used for drafting the blog posts. Taking part in this event has been a really interesting and exciting experience for her, because she learned new things (especially in the field of innovation, new media, new technologies etc.), and had the opportunity to meet smart people.

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