Session 8: Content Evolutions

The session’s theme was using digital technology in creative ways to improve society.

It started with Thomas Spiller talking about how digital technology is influencing the world more and more.

“Mobile entertainment in the number one use of mobile phones in India” – Thomas Spiller, Vice President, Global Public Policy EMEA, Walt Disney Company

He also said the fastest growing digital movie industry is in Nigeria, “Nollywood”.

Michael Bartholomew from the Center for Social Responsibility in the Digital Age,  talked about content positioning and how we needed a global content positioning system for digital media so that the youth don’t can’t get their hands on content  meant for mature people.

Yasser Elshayeb, Director of Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage of Egypt,  then went on to talk about how digital media can help perserve and recreate our history. Using 3D technology to digitally restore ancient artifacts, using digital media to revive ancient folklore and other techniques to make digital media to make our history available to the public. “We can reconstruct history with Digital technology”, according to  Elshayeb.

James M. Fraser, Vice Chancellor of the University of the Highlands and Islands, talked about how digital media can be used for education. Evolving on distance education by using digital media to even get that face-to-face value of education from a distance. They’re even able to educate in professions like dentistry from a distance using digital technology.

Julia Gidden talked about how Government needs to be at the front of digital media. They should use digital media to evolve public service, use things like 3D models to show new shopping centers, show traffic jams, use apps to easier communicate with the public and so forth.

“Our government needs to keep pace with the change that is happening with digital technology” – Julia Gidden

In conclusion the session was v new ways digital technology can be used and how it needs to be intergrated with society.

“We’re still in the digital middle ages” Alfredo Ronchi, General Secretary, MEDICI Framework of Cooperation